Live Music Booking by Austin Music Love

Live Music Booking Service for Restaurants, Caf├ęs, Breweries, and Bars.

Why Book With AML?

When you book through AML...

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Flat Rate Pricing

AML collects a $25 flat fee for each act booked regardless of whether they are a band or solo act and regardless of how much money the talent collects. Sales tax is not collected on booking fees.

Hand Curated Talent

Booking is done by humans not computers. The computers sure do help though. AML has a databsae of over 2000 local acts representing a wide variety of genres.

Social Media Content

Graphics for promoting live music events that contain AML branding can be provided for shows booked by AML at no extra cost. Custom and co-branded graphics can be done for an additional cost.

Single Point of Contact

We provide a phone line and email contact to talent so that they have someone to reach out to for support and you only have one contact to manage all of your talent, us.

We Handle Promo

Events booked by AML get priority positioning on, in the @austinmusiclove Instagram (10k+ followrs) daily event listing posts, and in the AML Local Music Discovery Email Newsletter where we send curated events to our subscribers based on their preferred genres.

Get Listed On Google

Google has a special widget just for events just like they do for jobs, recipes, etc. When someone searches for events, that widget is always the #1 result after the ads. In order to get your event to show up there, you need to post some special code online that Google understands. When we put an event on our website, we code that right up and get you listed in Google's event search.

Outsourcing your booking simple

Here's how it works..


We need to know some key details about your venue and your needs so that we can assure you that we can meet them. If you need a different salsa band every night of the year... I've gotta say, we do not know that many salsa bands. Sorry! But more than likely we can find what you need in our database of over 2000 local artists. After you fill out the questionaire, we will reach out to discuss the details.

Site Visit

Once we decide to proceed, we will send someone to your venue to get a lay of the land, understand the sound and lighting situation and most importantly the atmosphere and the vibe. We want to make sure that the artists we send your way will fit right in and add to the experience. The visit also clues us in on key detials that we will need to keep the artists infromed and keep us from having to bug you in the future with questions.


At this point we will decide on times, dates, the number and types of acts that we will be booking so that we can do what we do best and find the perfect talent for the room.


Once we have a line up established, we will send over an invoice that includes the fee that goes through to the talent as well as the booking fee.

Show Time

It's show time! We will handle communication with the talent and the people at the venue who we need to get everyone loaded in and the music started. 

Ready to get started?

Fill out the questionaire..