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Tunesmiths Community Night

Austin Garden and Studio

2023-12-06 8:00PM



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Austin Garden & Studio is a nostalgic space that pays homage to retro-Austin, blending the vibrant energy of live music, yummy food trucks, and exceptional cocktails in a cozy backyard atmosphere and indoor lobby. The space is built to create unexpected and delightful moments, and is one of the last remaining expansive greenspaces near downtown. The Garden has a chill vibe - with live music and food trucks, and the quaint Studio building is a hotel lobby by day that transforms into a lively space after sundown.

Austin Garden & Studio plays host to a diverse range of local talent including live music performances, comedy shows, and various community events. The Studio, a small building in the Garden, carries a rich musical legacy as the first Spanish-language radio station, and it has undergone a revitalizing transformation in collaboration with Fender guitars, immersing visitors in a fusion of culture and design.


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