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Star Parks, Barfield the Tyrant

C-Boy's Heart & Soul

2023-12-15 10:00PM


$12 cover

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C-Boy's Heart & Soul
2008 S. Congress Ave., Austin, TX 78704


Star Parks


Star Parks is the project of American singer, songwriter and musician Andy Bianculli. The group has had many incarnations since its formation in 2015, but currently performs as an 8-piece mini-orchestra.

Their sophomore album The New Sounds of Late Capitalism was released in February of 2020, recorded with producer Danny Reisch (Other Lives, Shearwater) in Lockhart, Texas and distributed by Modern Outsider Records.
Releasing an album in February of 2020 had previously seemed like a grand idea. World Tour - TBA until further notice

Barfield the Tyrant

No bio available for Barfield the Tyrant.



About the Venue

Bi-level club hosting weekend performances on the main floor with a Japanese-American bar upstairs.


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No Kids
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