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Passiflora, Foxglove, Seth Celdrán, Buttonfly

The Far Out Lounge & Stage

2024-06-05 7:30PM

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The Far Out Lounge & Stage
8504 S Congress Ave., Austin, TX 78745



No bio available for Buttonfly.



Up and comers in the Austin music scene, Passiflora consists of Lauren Harris on vocals, Rudy Durham on guitar and Raul Luevano on drums. Formed under clandestine circumstances during the Pandemic, they pull from R&B, Indie and Jazz influences to create a sound that is uniquely theirs.



Seven piece indie rock/funk/soul band based outta the ATX



About the Venue

The Far Out Lounge offers good food, cold drinks, and live music. Every night of the week. We are one of the largest outdoor music venues in the city of Austin, and we recently were voted Best New Venue by The Austin Chronicle. Our back patio is spacious and shaded, and we several food trucks on site. We also have some amazing beers on tap. All ages and pet friendly!


All Ages
Dog Friendly
Drinks For Sale
Food For Sale
Indoor Stage

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