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Jeremiah Jackson, Friday Boys

Independence Brewing Company

2023-12-15 7:00PM

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Independence Brewing Company
3913 Todd Ln, Ste 607, Austin, TX 78744


Jeremiah Jackson


No bio available for Jeremiah Jackson.

Friday Boys


Friday Boys is the absurdist post-punk power trio of songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist Scott Riegel paired with the hyperactive textures of drummer Balin Reyes and the impeccable melodic counterpoints of bassist J.D. Brunson. Together they create a fuzzed-out, sharp-witted brew all their own, with notes of the 70's New York avant-garde and the raw Detroit garage rock of the 90's.



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Since 2004, Independence Brewing has served the Independent Thinkers & Drinkers of Texas. United by a love of beer and self-expression. We liken ourselves to the venerable grackle — aka the Black Sheep of Birds — because like grackles our beers are bold, loud, and travel in packs. CAW!


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