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GOOD., Donella Drive, Joey Tea

Hotel Vegas

2023-12-13 10:00PM


$10 cover

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Hotel Vegas
1502 E. Sixth St., Austin, TX 78702


Within the vast expanse that is the Austin, Texas music scene, GOOD. forges their unique sound in the fires of grunge, jazz, funk, and experimental rock. The history between Luis, Blaine, Luke, & Vince is long, and that shows in the music they make together. In 2018, GOOD. self-released their first EP "This Is For You" and immediately followed with the epic ballad "Bill Murray". The band gained a following in their college town of San Marcos through radio play on the campus station, KTSW as well as Austin alt station KUTX.

Joey Tea

No bio available for Joey Tea.

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Hotel Vegas Bar is located in the heart of the east sixth street arts + entertainment district on the east end of the Salinas Building, next to neighboring sister bar The Volstead Lounge. Hotel Vegas offers live music and DJs just about every day of the week!


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