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Black Stone Cherry, Nonpoint, Even in Death

Come and Take It Live

2024-08-07 8:00PM

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Come and Take It Live
2015 E. Riverside Dr., Bldg. 4, Austin, TX 78741

About the Venue

Come and Take It Live is a genre-neutral venue, showcasing music, art and film of the world. We host live music and events of all types, and welcome everyone to share their creative event ideas with us.

Our two-story space boasts beautiful interior decor, high-end audio and lighting systems, as well as tons of amenities for both the artists and attendants. The venue has multiple areas including a main general admission floor, mezzanine, upstairs balcony, VIP Balcony, VIP Sky Box, smoking patio, artist green room, an elevated audio/lighting production booth, multiple merchandising areas and an equipment staging area.

Additional attractions include two full bars, optional bars for the VIP Balcony and smoking patio, multiple TVs, pool tables, a foosball table, corn hole bags, Hoeks Death Metal Trailer serving pizza and sandwiches, plenty of parking for artists, and tons of free parking for attendants.


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