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Best of Us Fest - A Warren Records Showcase

Nomadic Outpost

2023-11-18 12:00PM



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Nomadic Outpost
3505 Country White Ln, Austin, TX 78749


Sidney Copus

No bio available for Sidney Copus.

Matt Battle

No bio available for Matt Battle.


No bio available for HillCat.

Space Capulet

No bio available for Space Capulet.


No bio available for Rader.

Jamie McKenzie and the Warren Women

No bio available for Jamie McKenzie and the Warren Women.

Sirene and the Pink Slips

No bio available for Sirene and the Pink Slips.

Seth Celdrán

Seth Celdrán is a multi-instrumental solo artist whose music is written, produced, performed, and recorded independently from his home in Austin, TX. Despite being only nineteen, he is most inspired by his heroes from the golden age of music. Seth’s music pulls from contemporary bedroom pop artists while replicating sonics and songwriting styles from iconic artists like The Beatles. With his punchy drums and lush layers of guitars, Seth is able to develop his own unique wall of sound.

About the Venue

South Austin beer garden with coffee and cocktails.


All Ages
Dog Friendly
Drinks For Sale
Food For Sale

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