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Austin Mayse, HalleyAnna, & Ashley Monica, Walt Wilkins, the Drakes

Saxon Pub

2024-07-24 6:00PM

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Saxon Pub
1320 S. Lamar Blvd., Austin, TX 78704


Walt Wilkins

No bio available for Walt Wilkins.

The Drakes

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Austin Mayse

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About the Venue

Opened in 1990, the Saxon has hosted well over 22,000 musical performances. It has been the location for films, videos and countless live recordings. On any given night you might see a major celebrity from the film or music industry either having a beer or sitting in on stage jamming with the locals. This award-winning listening room has helped launch the careers of several prominent entertainers. It is also known for booking some of the greatest music legends around, performing in an intimate atmosphere that Kris Kristofferson likened to “playing in his own living room.”


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