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Ashley Youngstrom

Slackers Brewing Co.

2023-12-08 6:00PM

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Slackers Brewing Co.
12233 Ranch Rd 620 N #204, Austin, TX 78750

About the Venue

Hey y’all! We’re a family-owned brewery dedicated to craft, creation, and inclusivity – a brewery for everyone. A place where craft beer is approachable, adventurous, and all people can gather.

If you didn’t already guess, “Slackers” is about giving hard-working people like yourself some needed slack-off time (though we won’t be mad if you crack the laptop open…hopefully over a coffee or beer!).

As parents, we love going places that the whole family can enjoy (really enjoy!). We also love when diverse groups of people can come together and connect. That’s why we’ve brought a comfortable community space to Anderson Mill in Austin.


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