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3forThursday w/ Kromathaw, Die Mart, 4waydancebattle, Deepstate, Poorvida, JHESET

Empire Control Room

2024-07-25 9:00PM

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Empire Control Room
606 E. Seventh St., Austin, TX 78701


Die Mart

No bio available for Die Mart.

About the Venue

Empire Control Room & Garage is that place you went to, that perfectly crazy time, at the sweet spot of the night, when anything was possible. Brought to you by the creators of Sidebar and the eventsmiths at Heard, Empire is a modern music space and watering hole.
A place to chill or rage, to build community or just absorb the constantly shifting visuals and surreal soundscapes. But above all else, Empire is dedicated to creating dynamic music events with the feel and ingenuity of warehouse style parties, all in the name of the fan experience.
For good people, by good people, Empire’s not too cool for school. In fact, it’s precisely cool enough for school, and always ripe for a nighttime adventure. So come hang, immerse yourself in some mind melting visuals, support the independent Austin scene, and enjoy the choicest happenings a gang of music freaks can muster.


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