East and West co-mingle harmoniously in Indian-American, Austin-based musician, Nagavalli. Nagavalli’s music, described as “Eastern Soul”, blends east-Indian soul with delicate touches of pop, rock, trance and pure eastern tradition. Nagavalli’s repertoire ranges from her original songs in English to east-Indian and Sufi spirituals, creating sounds both unique, yet familiar, which often results in the listener achieving a state of meditative tranquility.
“Nagavalli’s voice and spirit give me the depth of experience I long for in music and rarely reach”, says Eliza Gilkyson, renowned Austin-based musician.

Nagavalli grew up in Mumbai, India bringing the rich, soulful music of her home to Austin, Texas where Valli has brought in a variety of artists representing genres such as Latin, American rock and jazz to East-Indian and Middle-Eastern classical and folk into the studio to refine her eclectic sound.

Nagavalli embarks on her next musical journey with her forthcoming album “Immersion.” The album is a back-to-roots journey that was composed as one continuous piece of music. While “Immersion” will still have Nagavalli’s signature blend of eastern and western instruments, the vocal melodies are East Indian while the lyrics are from ancient Sanskrit chants and the writings of such ancient saints as Sant Kabir and Meera Bai.

“Immersion” is set to be released in January 2019 with a release party at One World Theatre in Austin.